About Us

The construction business is among the most fluid in the United States. New information is always coming out, while firms are in a race to incorporate new technologies into the way they operate. While the average consumer may think asphalt paving firms work in the same way as they did 20 years ago, it is most definitely not the case. And it is the main reason why a construction magazine focusing on asphalt paving appealed to us so much.

We have a lot of experience within the construction industry. A couple of us worked with asphalt paving firms, while another editor ran a construction company for many years. We are coming at this from the angle of an insider who is passionate about the sector. And we believe that passion translates into all the pieces that we put out in the magazine.

One of our most popular sections is the “How It Works” section. It is the section where we provide technical guides about different installations, construction projects and new machines relevant to the asphalt paving sector. If you are an asphalt paving contractor, or you are just fascinated with the industry, you will find this section particularly illuminating.

Another section that gets a lot of attention is the “Meet the Executive” part of our magazine. We try to complete a fresh profile of an executive or the owner of a construction company in each edition of the magazine. It helps add a fresh perspective to the magazine, while we help raise the profile of up and coming firms in the construction sector.

If you want your firm featured in the magazine, or you have an interesting idea for an article, feel free to send us an email through our website. We are always incorporating content and ideas we get from the community, as we want this magazine to reflect the readership that keeps it alive.