Asphalt Trends Page: Quieter Rubber

Did you know that around every heart attack in 50 in Europe is caused by too much exposure to loud traffic? The World Health Organization arrived at these surprising conclusions. The impact on the asphalt industry is not dramatic, but it does appear that more companies are starting to think about how they can produce quieter rubber for major roads in the United States.

Quieter Roads

One option for quieter roads is for nations and cities to have roadside barriers put up. These can help contain the noise. However, those are very expensive and they are not within the budget for most areas. In fact, many cities have other projects they would deem more important and pressing.

It is natural to expect asphalt paving companies to find some sort of solution to this issue. While it is not a critical problem, it is one that companies could benefit from. If they can show they are making an effort to create asphalt that is quieter, they would have a leg up on the competition when it comes to securing contracts with cities and other government agencies.

What is the Solution?

The best solution is to add rubber crumbs to the crushed stone that is used to create asphalt. These crumbs are actually taken from shredded tires. They help to ensure the asphalt is softer, which results in less noise as compared to asphalt that does not use these crumbs. And it is even better news that no degradation issues are present in the asphalt that contains these crumbs.

It is not even hard to find this rubber that would be needed for paving roads. Most of it can come through tires that are recycled. Statistics show that around 0.5% of America’s roads can be paved by rubber that is taken from recycled tires each year. Construction and asphalt paving companies in [city] would have no issues getting their hands on this rubber.