Driveway: Repair or Replace?

The question that homeowners ask us the most is whether it is a good idea for them to repair their existing driveway, or whether they should go for a completely new one. It is a tough question to answer without inspecting your driveway, but we can give you some insight.

Pros of Repair

The best part about a repair job is that you can get a quality asphalt company in [city] to do the job on a budget. They are not going to charge you too much for repairs, especially if you have an asphalt driveway. And in most instances, you can get your driveway to look very nice after the repairs are done.

Another positive to the repair process is that it is relatively quick. A driveway paving contractor in [city] will come in, examine your driveway and give you a price quote. They will know what must be done to get your driveway in good shape. It should not take them more than a few days to complete the work. It is a low-impact project, but the results are still very good.

Pros of a New Driveway

The issue may arise that your driveway is just not fixable to a significant extent. Let us say that you have a concrete driveway and there are lots of cracks. Those cracks have been present for a few years, and you just never bothered to get them fixed. Now you want someone to come in and repair these cracks.

Concrete is very hard to repair. It costs a lot of money and it takes a lot of time. You are looking at a significant undertaking. And even with those repairs, the underlying surface of your driveway is still old. It is not going to last forever. In these instances, it may be a better option to just get a new driveway.

It does cost more to get a new asphalt driveway than to repair a concrete one. But the new asphalt driveway will be brand new. If it is installed by a quality paving contractor in the area, it will last you two to three decades. And all it needs is a bit of maintenance every few years. It is affordable, durable and looks very nice. We believe that if you have an old, cracked concrete driveway, get a new asphalt one to replace it.

The first step is always to find a contractor. Contact a paving company in the [city] area and see what they have to say. They can give you an honest quote for repairs and a new installation. And they can tell you what they believe is the best option.

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