Understanding the Benefits of Asphalt

When you hear about someone getting their driveway remodeled, or the roadside being fixed up, it is typically asphalt that is involved. There is a reason asphalt pavement is the most popular option in these instances. But we are going to take an in-depth look at why it is such a popular choice for such construction and remodeling projects.

Major Benefits of Asphalt:

  1. Lower Cost

Cost is a major factor where asphalt pavements are concerned. The average consumer does not want to spend an insane amount on their driveway. They want something that looks decent, will last a long time, and will not break the bank. Concrete is the other popular option, but it can cost anywhere from $4 to $7 per square foot. In contrast, asphalt is not going to cost more than $2 or $3 per square foot.

And asphalt will last for a couple of decades at minimum. It will last even longer if it is maintained in the right way. It just requires resealing every few years, and it is back to looking brand new!

  1. Quicker Projects

Have a client who wants their driveway or pavement redone within a few weeks? If you are using some other materials, such as concrete, the construction process will take a lot longer. Workers also have to be very precise while they are working, which can take up more time. Asphalt pavement work does not take very long. Companies can deliver the prompt results that residential and commercial customers demand.

  1. Less Noise

Many people do not consider this factor, but it is a vitally important one. Whether we are talking about a public road or a homeowner’s driveway, the noise made when cars and other objects move across the pavement is worth considering. A pavement that looks incredible and will last for decades, but produces a lot of noise, will not be appreciated by the average consumer.

  1. Lasts Much Longer

When the average consumer highers an asphalt company in [city] for a project, they are doing so because they want a long term solution. While there are other materials that may deliver a better aesthetic, none come close to the durability of asphalt. So long as it is properly maintained, asphalt pavement will last for decades without any issues. That is why driveway paving contractors in [city] are some of the most common hires for residential, commercial and industrial projects.

  1. Weather Issues

The biggest problems with concrete arrive in the colder weather. Those who are living in a temperate or hot climate are not too bothered. But if a construction project is happening in areas that experience a cold winter, concrete is a bad choice. It has a tendency to crack when it is very cold.

Asphalt does have minor issues when it gets very hot. But those issues are minor and they are easily handled through minimal maintenance every few years. And repairing asphalt is very easy. It would take a contractor no more than a few days to repair a patch on an asphalt driveway that is deformed or damaged. In contrast, repairing cracked concrete is expensive and can take a very long time.

Every commercial and residential customer has their preferences. Some are already convinced about asphalt. But others may be looking towards concrete as the best option. By mentioning the above advantages of asphalt, contractors can ensure they are serving their customers in the best possible way.

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